What’s new for 2021-2022


New Business Names

Indianapolis Power and Light has changed to AES Indiana

DEFENDERS has changed to ADT

Job titles and descriptions have not changed

Junior Achievement of Central Indiana will follow CDC guidelines and local mandates for COVID-19 safety protocol.

JA BizTown Video

Returning Teachers Updates

Digital versions of the JA BizTown curriculum materials as well as classroom kit files continue to be accessible through the JA Learning Platform. This platform was previously referenced as The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. The functionality of the site remains, and you can access it at http://learn.ja.org.  You will need a password for this site,  if you do not have one or have not received the email to set one up contact Jamiah Weaver. jweaver@jaindy.org 

JA BizTown Curriculum Access Cheat Sheet


Your physical Teacher Guide is still fine to use to teach the JA BizTown Curriculum. Below you find updates and links to the two pages revised for 2021-2022.

Teacher Guide Updates:

Unit 1, Financial Literacy, Page 5: Click Here for the updated page
o The definition of credit union has been updated.
Unit 1, Financial Literacy, Page 19: Click Here for the updated page
o Updated copy of student citizen guide page 5 has been inserted.
o An updated page view of JA has corrected punctuation errors.

Below you will find the four main sections that you will need to complete your JA BizTown curriculum and visit.

These sections include the BizPrep, Jobs Section, Volunteer Section and Visit Section

What’s in the Biz Prep Folder?


  • Blank Welcome Letter
  • Sample Cost Sheet (for example only)
  • Blank Loan Application
  • Blank Promissory Note
  • Blank Newspaper Ad
  • Blank Radio Ad
  • Blank Web Page Ad
  • Blank Business Logo

What’s in the Jobs Section Folder?


  • Staffing Model for your visit to JA BizTown
  • Job Descriptions for each business
  • JA BizTown Elections
  • JA BizTown Interview Process
  • JA BizTown Employment Letter

Fillable PDF Version of the Staffing Model Available at the Bottom of the Page

What’s in the Volunteer Folder?

  • Volunteer Plan
  • Volunteer Necessary?
  • Introduction Letter
  • Recruitment Letter
  • Assignment Form (to be sent to JA Staff)
  • Volunteer Lotter (if necessary)
  • Volunteer Follow-Up Letter




What’s in the Visit Section Folder?


  • JA BizTown Day off On-Site Overview
  • Sample Schedule
  • Teacher’s Pre Simulation Checklist
  • Student Behavior Contract
  • Lunch Option
  • Parent / Guardian Consent Form
  • Newspaper Prep
  • On-Site Reminders
  • JA BizTown Facility Layout
  • JA BizTown Addresses 
  • Directions and Map to Facility

Below are supplemental resources and quick access to commonly used JA BizTown paperwork  

Click Here to access the pdf of the Teachers Guide

This is a very large file, if you see blue lettering saying the PDF is expired, just wait until the file fully loads and you should have access.

For full access to the curriculum including the teacher guide broken down in PDF’s by lesson, kit material, and videos visit


You will need a password for this site,  if you do not have one or have not received the email to set one up contact Jamiah Weaver. jweaver@jaindy.org