JA JobSpark: Redefining Hands On

September 24-26, 2024

JA JobSpark is a multi-day, hands-on career expo impacting over 13,000 Indianapolis eighth graders. The JA JobSpark initiative includes in-class curriculum and activities prior to and after attending the event. JA JobSpark is meant to “spark” an interest in students and get them excited for their future. Students will learn about skills needed for jobs that will be in demand when they graduate and will learn about the equipment that is used on those jobs daily. Students will have a better understanding of the courses they will need to take in high school, a track for post-secondary and a clear career pathway for what they find they are interested in.


2023 JA JobSpark Highlights

When our young people know where they’re going, we all advance.

JA JobSpark is a part of Junior Achievement’s career- exploration curriculum that has been delivered to many of the students throughout their academic experience, beginning in elementary school. Upon  completion of the curriculum, students will have real insights into the industries that interest them, the skills needed, and the education required. Through virtual interaction, students have the opportunity to interact with professionals from eight industry clusters and learn about future in demand careers. JA JobSpark introduces students to a variety of professions and industries allowing them to better understand what it takes to get a job and develop a career.

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