JA JobSpark 2020: Redefining Hands On

Thank you to you all for your patience and continued support as we navigate a new virtual world during COVID-19. We know there is no substitute for hands-on activities and in-person conversations with our industry experts. However, we are excited to redefine and enhance JA JobSpark as an online experience that will be educational, engaging and fun for our students.

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Virtual JA JobSpark FAQ

Q: What is JA JobSpark?
A: JA JobSpark 2020 is an online career expo for Indianapolis 8th graders during the week of September 21 (September 22 & 23).

Q: What virtual platform will JA JobSpark be on?
A: Ignition (demo coming soon!)

Q: How will JA JobSpark be moved to a virtual platform?
A: Through the use of pre-recorded videos & demonstrations, LIVE videos & demonstrations, keynote panels, fun activities, and LIVE Q&A sessions with Industry Professionals. We are looking for a variety of options so students are able to have the opportunity to learn about in-demand careers and engage in meaningful conversations through this virtual platform.

Q: How will students be engaging with the virtual JA JobSpark platform?
A: TBD (based on what school looks like in the fall.) Teachers will be able to present in a class setting, or students may be able to access 1:1 on their own device.

Q: How many activities do we need to do/is there a limit to the number of activities?
A: We still want to showcase as many careers in demand as possible and all who have participated in the past to return! We’d like as many experiences as we have had in the past, they just may look a little different. (pre-recorded videos, live videos, worksheets, panels, tours, etc.)

Q: Is there a certain time limit per experience?
A: Through virtual opportunity, we have the option to have longer amount of time “with the students” because you don’t have to limit time to 3-5 minutes (you can make longer videos, have a longer time slot).

Q: Does this platform allow for digital handouts? Spreadsheets, worksheets, etc.
A: Yes! We will most likely be able to add it as a PDF directly into the “experience” on the platform, but we can also make any materials available on our website if need be.

Q: Is the cluster budget the same?
A: It will be slightly lower because we won’t need as many materials as we have had in the past for an in-person event. Please reach out to the JA JobSpark team for any specific questions or requests.

Q: What Technology do I need to be a part of this event?
A: TBD, but your normal browser should be fine.

Q: How do I log on to volunteer during the event days?
A: After registering, you will receive a personal email with a unique link to join the event. More information to come.

Q: What is the schedule for the day? How long is my “session” ?
A: JA JobSpark will still run for two days, September 22 & 23. Schools will attend on one day only during a designated time slot for their school, similar to years past. Volunteers will receive prior training to be prepared to engage students in planning for their futures. We are asking our cluster members & volunteers to prepare a variety of experiences for these students, and you will sign up for a time slot(s). Volunteers will give what days/times they are available, and the schedule will be created accordingly during the planning months.

Q: How can my company be more involved or help me with this switch to a virtual event?
A: Check with your marketing department or other departments to see if there is already a virtual activity or video available. Many companies have moved their work virtual for other events and something might have already been created.



We will continue to provide updates as soon as more information becomes available. Thank you for your continued support and your dedication to JA JobSpark!


Contact Cindy Kicinski at cindyk@jaindy.org.