2018 Volunteer Training Video

All JA JobSpark volunteers must watch this brief video training.

2018 Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Roles

The volunteer positions and responsibilities are listed below:

Volunteer Infield Parking

  • Located outside (Infield parking lot and around perimeter of parking path, at walk tunnel and placed along path)
  • Directing cars towards volunteer parking lot
  • Directing volunteers to walk tunnel, once parked
  • At shift change, directing cars back out the way they came in
  • Move once all volunteers have arrived/float
  • Signage will also be placed for volunteers to follow during the daylight hours.

Volunteer Check-in Table

  • Located in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion
  • Register all volunteers throughout the day
  • Direct to onsite training
  • Distribute lanyards (cluster, logistic volunteer, VIP)
  • Provide hospitality/general information instructions
  • Setup breakfast and replenish breakfast as time allows

Traffic Controllers

  • Located outside (along path, at the cross walk and throughout lots)
  • Direct bus traffic from entrance gate to bus parking lot
  • Direct bus/car and pedestrian traffic as people cross street from walk tunnel, ensure safety for pedestrians
  • Direct volunteer car traffic towards gate 6, volunteer car entrance
  • Direct buses towards exit
  • Volunteers will be stationed at many points along the bus and car traffic route
  • Volunteers will be outside for this role and standing for long periods of time
  • During shift overlap times, opportunity to take a break – get lunch, snacks, etc.


Bus and School Check-In

  • Located outside (the bus parking lot)
  • Ask what school and check off on clipboard
  • Bus number by order they arrive (not by school or district)
  • Provide printed bus number to driver AND one for the teacher
  • Guide bus towards lot
  • General bus traffic support

Bus Parking

  • Located outside (bus parking lots)
  • Direct (help) buses park in appropriate rows
  • Encourage buses to stay
  • Direct the bus drivers to the bus driver station inside
  • Guide/Funnel students walking to the flagged off entrance path
  • Remind teachers to tell students what bus number to get back on


Welcome/Pep Team and AM Snacks

  • Located inside and outside (student entrance and walkway)
  • Welcome students, enthusiastic cheerleaders, holding inspirational signage
  • Once students have arrived, set up for snack distribution, replenish snacks

Student Exiting and PM Snacks

  • Located inside (student walkway)
  • Guide students towards their teacher or exit,
  • Help gather students on walkie-talkie or going to get students
  • Oversee/distribute afternoon snacks,
  • Replenish/set up afternoon snacks as needed,
  • Remind students to drop passport in the box (empty box as needed)
  • Provide security



Questions?  Contact Cindy Kicinski at cindyk@jaindy.org!

Information & Security Desk

  • Located inside the Blue Ribbon Pavilion or the Champions Pavilion
  • Be knowledgeable on: Maps, exit help, lost and found
  • Security guard home base but roaming



  • Located inside the Blue Ribbon Pavilion or the Champions Pavilion
  • Welcome people
  • Monitors entrances, exits, bathrooms, doors
  • Engage with kids
  • May rotate positions – this ensures the volunteers do not get bored at one station for too long.


Volunteer Hospitality

  • Located inside the Blue Ribbon Pavilion or Champions Pavilion hospitality room
  • Set up room
  • Prepare tables and chairs
  • Clean up room
  • Monitor and replenish water, coffee, and all snacks (alert JA if running low on food, snacks, drinks)
Volunteers Comments from 2017

I love having the opportunity to talk to young people about my field.  I think this is a great program to really “spark” the imagination of the young people and to give them some ideas about what they can do with their lives.


I have volunteered with JA in the classroom, as well as BizTown annually for the last several years.  Recently I took on responsibility for coordinating our company’s JA volunteers.  JA Job Spark was a way to get involved in Junior Achievement in a new and exciting way!


I was a part of Junior Achievement in elementary school and loved the real work experience I received from BizTown. Ever since then, I have always wanted to be involved with a program that reaches the youth and prepares them to be the best version of themselves and provides them goals and dreams to aspire towards.




This video is required for all participating volunteers.

Volunteers Comments from 2017

As a young professional, I feel like it’s my responsibility to relate the importance of our industry to our future workforce.  Many business leaders speak about the shortage of qualified candidates in the job market, but actions speak louder than words.  If we get out there and inspire young people to do great things, they’ll do great things.


I was a student in Junior Achievement many years ago and the experience set me on my pathway to my now profession and I am glad it has come full circle and I can return the favor. Please keep up this great work inspiring and educating our youth about the opportunities awaiting them.


This is an incredible, remarkably run program that can impact students.


I believe many of the students gained knowledge about our industry and many options of how to enter and succeed in those pathways.


Very impressed with the level of organization and amount of companies and industries represented.


Really enjoyed being part of JobSpark again this year and serving as a Co-Chair. Already looking forward to 2018.


It was fun and I wish I had it when I was growing up.


I believe participating in JobSpark is very valuable activity.


Contact Cindy Kicinski at cindyk@jaindy.org.