Teacher's Guide

Teacher’s Guide

Thank you to our curriculum sponsors:

Session 1 – Introduction, Career Assessments, and Media Release

a. Video intro to get students excited about JA Virtual JS

b. Key Words and Terms

c. Career Assessments


          Indiana Career Explorer

d. Complete Assessment Reflection

e. Complete Media Release, submit

Session 2 – Career Clusters and Employability Skills

a. Key Words and Terms

b. Developing a Career Plan Video

c. Career Clusters

c1. Career Clusters with associated jobs

d. IN Workforce Development Employability Skills

-Employability Skills visual

-Complete Skills Assessment

-Employability Skills Role Play

e. Learn More About the Companies Attending JA Virtual JS

-Link to JA website page with companies participating (link) (Is THIS LINK AVAILABLE TO POST?)

f. Exploring JobSpark Companies Activity

Session 3 - Preparing for JA Virtual JS

a. Key Words and Terms

b. Check out the JA JobSpark Program Book

JA JobSpark Program Book Link

JA JobSpark Program Book Activity

c. Asking the Right Questions Video

-Any question is a good question, See example questions and add you own question activity

d. JobSpark Demo COMING SOON

e. Virtual JS Tips

f. notes

????? TBD ????

Do we want a button for Day of Event (link to platform)? I would also include a notes page under this link if we do so. If so, we will make it Session 4 then next will be Session 5

Session 4 – Virtual JS Reflection and Follow Up

a. Key Words and Terms

b. Complete Personal Reflection Student Summary

c. Complete Career Planning Goals

d. Complete Survey of Program (Link to Survey Monkey)

e. Write a thank you

-Thank You Template

-Thank You Example

Other Resources Button

a. Key Words and Terms

b. Watch Building Your Brand Video (link)

-Building Personal Brand – What I Can Do Today, to Help My Tomorrow!

-Personal Brand Reflection

c. Sample Resume

-Resume Template

d. Job Interview Dos and Don’ts

e. INDemand Jobs – Link to www.indemandjobs.com 

f. JA JobSpark Reflection Essay Assignment


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