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2016 JA JobSpark Media Highlights!

This was the most engaged the class had been.  Hard to get them engaged in the past,

but not at JA JobSpark.  Students are talking about it so much.  Talking about how much

money they will make. 

Participating Teacher

When asked what letter grade this student would give the JA JobSpark experience…..

  1. Definitely an A.
Participating IPS Student

Fern has been blessed to handle a multitude of events over the years, from public, to private showings, Super Bowl, The Final Four, etc., but never in my 40 years have we seen an event with the teamwork of so many volunteers and business leaders to impact our youth in such a positive way and to hear some of the stories that have trickled out so far is beyond comparison. 

Tom Drullinger

Account Executive, Fern Exposition Event Service

2016 Press Links

On behalf of all of the IPS educators & students who have received your gifts today please accept my deep and sincere gratitude. 

It was a tremendous and groundbreaking opportunity for the youth of Indianapolis.

Joe Gramelspacher

Special Assistant to the Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools

What a fantastic two days!!  When I left the roll-out meeting back in November, I wasn’t sure how JobSpark was going to happen.  Bringing all the various parties together was a daunting task, but you managed it wonderfully.  The level of engagement by our students (and our staff) was beyond my expectations.  Please accept the sincere thanks and appreciation from the MSD of Lawrence Township for all your efforts and convey them to all those who helped make JobSpark #1 such a huge success.

Steve Goeglein

Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, MSD of Lawrence Township